Sara Barnes

Sara Barnes has always been an avid outdoors woman. She could be found trail running, road cycling and hiking the fells of the Lake District where she lives, that is up until about 6 years ago when she had to have major surgery on both legs at once due to severe osteo-arthritis. It seemed to Sara that her physical life had ended under the surgeon’s knife and hammer.

But then Sara realised there was one thing she could do to get back outdoors and into the lakes, tarns and river pools of home: swim, dip, jump and dive whatever the weather, whenever she felt the need to dull the emotional and physical pain caused by the surgery. Gradually, the cold water released her and unlocked a whole new world: the global cold water swimming community.

Sara has always wanted to be a published author since she had high tea with her Great Aunty Milly in Hove, Sussex and her aunty pinned her down with her beady eyes and told her she would be a writer. Dreams do come true, even if you have to wait and keep trying for many years. Now, at the age of 60, Sara feels a new phase of her life is just beginning. You can follow Sara on Instagram @bumblebarnes for more creative snippets and stories. Sara also published the nonfiction memoir The Cold Fix. This is her first novel.

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