The Winter of Our Lives

By Sara Barnes

An uplifting novel on friendship, the menopause and the healing power of nature!

She was the only human being down at the lake. Elbows, in need of a slather of moisturiser, pointed at the clouds; breasts, lifted to pre-children perkiness; baby belly stretched and flattened. She stretched her arms out wide as she started to walk barefoot into the lake. Peering down into the clear water, she pulled down her goggles. It was time to plunge forwards, succumbing to the embrace of the water.

It was as if she were flying.

For friends Stevie, Holly and Angela, the last few years haven’t been kind. With marriage breakdowns and sacrifices, their only moments of peace come when they are outside in the wild waters of the Lake District.

Now it’s time for these three women to love themselves, just as they love the cold, and take charge of their own happiness in this uplifting and meditative novel of friendship and the healing power of nature.

Readers are loving The Winter of Our Lives:

‘A beautiful story that I highly recommend to any middle-aged female outdoor swimmers out there. It would make a thoughtful and incredible gift for any nature lover or someone going through a similar journey.’

‘I laughed, cried and related to each character like they were my closest friends.’

‘…an intensely personal story about four older individuals who find acceptance, connection and the desire to live through physical exercise in the wilds of nature.’

‘This novel was a perfect find for me. All my life I had been an avid hiker and outdoor adorer until my MS diagnosis and progression altered my future in a desolating way.’

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 09 Nov 2023
Pages: 384
ISBN: 978-0-00-863960-0
Sara Barnes has always been an avid outdoors woman. She could be found trail running, road cycling and hiking the fells of the Lake District where she lives until about 6 years ago when she had to have major surgery on both legs at once due to severe osteo-arthritis. It seemed to Sara that her physical life had ended under the surgeon\'s knife and hammer.But then Sara realised there was one thing she could do to get back outdoors and into the lakes, tarns and river pools of home: swim, dip, jump and dive whatever the weather, whenever she felt the need to dull the emotional and physical pain caused by the surgery. Gradually, the cold water released her and unlocked a whole new world.You can follow Sara on Instagram @bumblebarnes for more creative snippets and stories. Sara has also published the nonfiction memoir The Cold Fix. This is her first novel.