When The Lights Go Out

By Chris Curran

Who can you trust…


A group of new friends. But can she trust them?

For struggling actress Ava, landing a role with the Chimera Theatre Group could lead to her big break. And relocating to a remote country village means stepping out from the shadow of her boyfriend—despite his determination not to let her go.

Everyone in the group seems so welcoming, they’re one big happy family. But, like all families, they each have secrets. And someone in the group doesn’t want certain secrets to get out…

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‘I loved it! It’s such an immersive read…the story hurtles towards its compelling climax. Brilliant stuff!’ Kate Rhodes, bestselling author of The Brutal Tide

‘A wonderful, character-driven thriller where alliances and friendships are put to the test’ Sarah Ward, bestselling author of The Quickening

‘A dark psychological thriller that carefully draws you in as the tension mounts. Utterly fabulous’ Victoria Dowd, winner of The People’s Book Prize

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Format: Digital download
Release Date: 02 Dec 2022
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-853449-3
Chris Curran worked as an actor and script-writer in alternative theatre for several years. She has had short stories published in women’s magazines and she reviews fiction for various publications and blogs. MINDSIGHT is her debut novel, and in 2013 an early draft of the novel was shortlisted for the Yeovil Literary Prize.

'Subtle slow burner, which starts with pranks and ends somewhere else entirely…What a page turner!' Tina Baker -

‘As the tension mounts we share Ava's fears that the lights may go out forever' Martin Edwards -

”'The tangled knot of lies in this book is constantly being loosened then quickly pulled tight again. Leading and misleading, I enjoyed All the Little Lies all the way to the very last page” - June Taylor

”'A multi-layered psychological thriller with compelling characters” - Jackie Baldwin

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”'A cracker of a read! Will have you turning the pages, gripped, until you find answers” - The Welsh Librarian

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”'A truly engrossing and compelling tale of lies and loss. Loved it” - Jen Med’s Book Reviews

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