The Weekend Escape: Unabridged edition

By Rakie Bennett, Read by Sarah Lambie

A deserted island, a vicious storm, a murderer amongst friends…

It was meant to be a fun reunion, a chance for six friends to reconnect and relive the adventures that brought them together in the first place. But from the moment they arrive on their island home for the weekend, Lyndsey, Sonia, Bobbie, Amanda, Juliet, and Val realise that their paradise is filled with peril, and there are consequences when you try to outrun the ghosts of your past.

As everything starts to fall apart, and the friends begin to turn against one another, deep, dark secrets are revealed, and an unimaginable horror is unleashed. They came seeking adventure, but now they’ll be lucky to leave with their lives…

Readers are loving The Weekend Escape:

‘It starts off with a bang and doesn’t stop till the bitter end…I couldn’t put it down and finished it in a few hours’ Sarah

‘Like the Agatha Christie And Then There Were None…a quick read with intriguing characters’ Brenda

Wow. I loved this novel…it’s a different novel amongst the others out there’ Manju

‘I loved this story…I consumed it in about two hours’ Lyn

Format: Audio-Book
Release Date: 08 Oct 2021
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-850180-8
Detailed Edition: Unabridged edition
Rakie Bennett currently lives on the Isle of Man (home of fast motorbikes, tailless cats, and very changeable weather). Rakie shares their home with two kids, one angry cat, and an exceptionally patient husband.

What readers are saying about Little Girls Tell Tales: -

”'A cracking story that had me totally engrossed. It's original, intriguing and well written, with a great cast of characters.” - J.P. Carter, author of At Your Door

”'This was quite the page turner. Only took me a few hours to finish… Can't wait to read more from Rachel. She's a wonderful author.” -

”'Great book, haven’t wanted to put it down! Definitely stayed up way too late reading this enthralling read.” -

”'A wonderfully atmospheric read.” -

”'Great crime novel with lots of twists and turns! Honestly did not predict what would happen next, which is rare since I read so many mysteries.” -

”'I read it in one day! I’d recommend Little Girls Tell Tales to those who like slow-burning suspense novels rather than the high-octane, big-twist version” -

”'This book is a slow burn full of subtle twists and social commentary… Bennett's prose is beautiful and descriptive, and the characters are realistic and likeable… anyone looking for complex family drama, well-thought out mystery, this is the book for you. A beautiful read with a satisfying conclusion.” -