The Summer of Second Chances

By Maddie Please

Even when you think you’ve lost everything, hope and romance can be just around the corner . . .

It takes time to build your life. To get into a long-term (OK, a bit boring) relationship. To find a job (you don’t completely hate). Lottie might not be thrilled with the life she’s put together, but it’s the one she’s got.

So when in the course of one terrible evening, it all comes crashing down around her, Lottie has a choice: give herself over to grief at being broke, single and completely lacking in prospects.

Or, brick by brick, build herself a new life. And this time, with a little help from friends, a crumbling cottage in Devon and a handsome stranger, maybe she can make it the one she always wanted.

An irresistibly funny read about never giving up, whatever the world throws at you. Perfect for fans of Jenny Colgan, Jane Costello and Christie Barlow.

What others are saying:

‘The perfect feel good summer read.’ Chrissie Manby, author of What I Did On My Holidays

An uplifting, feel-good read that was so very easy to become immersed in… a gorgeous little book that really did feel like a ray of sunshine on a rainy dayBeyond the Book Reviews

“Check this one out for a summer read or to sit by the fire in the winter, you won’t regret it.” Carla Loves to Read

I snorted with laughter… A great read’ Catherine’s Cultural Wednesdays

“A story of loss and second chances. I was pulled immediately into the plot and found myself completely lost in it.” Reader review

It leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy once you’ve finished! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for inspiration, warmth and escapismBooks and me

Wow, what a gorgeous, cute little storyit really wow-ed me, with the light – hearted writing style, interesting plot and lovable characters.” Reader review

I finished it grinning from ear to earif you are in need of cheering up, picking yourself up and seeing how not to give up, try this book!” Reader review

Format: ebook
Release Date: 17 Jul 2017
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-825712-5
Maddie Please was born in Dorset, brought up in Worcestershire and went to university in Cardiff.Following a career as a dentist, Maddie now writes full time, and lives in Devon with her exceptionally handsome and supportive husband.


”'Full of snarky observations and life lessons, this story is a little gem” - Netgalley Reviewer

”'It kept me interested to the end!” - Netgalley Reviewer

”'The summer of second chances is a lovely read one I enjoyed from start to finish.” - Netgalley Reviewer

”'Overall I found this book so easy to read and made me feel happy when I read it, I just loved it.” - Netgalley Reviewer

”'I see great potential for Maddie Please and cant wait to read more from her in the future.” - Netgalley Reviewer