Our Street at War - The Postmistress (Our Street at War, Book 1)

By Maggie Sullivan

Heartwarming and nostalgic new Saga series from the author of Mother’s Day on Coronation Street.

One ordinary street in Lancashire is getting ready for war, who knows what else is going on behind the net curtains?
Vicky Parrot wanted more out of life than working all hours in her father’s Post Office. Her dreams were ruined when tragedy came calling, and now happiness seems impossible.
The other townsfolk have their problems too. Sylvia Barker runs the haberdashery shop and she’s hiding more than a few secrets behind the bales of wool in the shop window. Her daughter Rosie wants more out of life than needles and cotton, but her headstrong ways are about to get her into trouble.
Life goes on for the people of Greenhill, what they can’t know is that their world is about to change forever…

Praise for Maggie Sullivan

‘A wonderfully nostalgic tale’ Choice Magazine

Format: ebook
Release Date: 26 Dec 2020
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-841987-5
Maggie Sullivan loves to travel, is an avid reader – never going without her Kindle – and her abiding love is watching football. She is an active member of The Romantic Novelists’ Association and for several years edited their journal. She is also a freelance university lecturer and has a keen interest in drama and theatre.Maggie was born and brought up in Manchester, where she acquired a lifelong passion for Coronation Street and its legendary matriarchs. After living abroad for several years, she settled in London where she still lives.

Praise for Maggie Sullivan: -

”'A wonderfully nostalgic tale” - Choice Magazine

”'A perfect festive read” - Woman Magazine

”'A must read” - Amazon

”'A real page-turner” - Amazon

”'A wonderful trip down memory lane” - Goodreads