The Paris Affair

By Melanie Hudson

Sebastian Faulks’s Birdsong meets Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale in this moving and powerful novel about love, loss and the resilience of the human spirit.

Scarred by his experiences in World War One, German doctor, Sebastian Braun lives a quiet life tending to his patients and his beloved garden. Until Sophie Hathaway bursts into his life and challenges his dearly-held beliefs. And just at the moment Sebastian discovers love for the first time war is on the horizon once again, threatening not just his peace of mind…

As the Germans approach the Channel Islands, Sebastian has to make choices: be the peace-loving man he has become or stand up and fight for his principles? When he and Sophie are separated, Sebastian is left realising love may have eluded him forever. Until a chance meeting in Paris sets the wheels in motion for a dangerously devastating love affair.

Readers are loving The Paris Affair:

‘A brilliant and very unique book…phenomenal’ Kayla

Thoughtful and unpredictable…it took me by surprise’ Christy

‘Riveting…suspensful, tense and emotional’ Karyn

‘A great read… highly recommended’ Lesley

‘Carefully plotted… I hated to put the book down’ Sheri

‘The plot is well paced and structured and it pulled me into the deception, suspense and tension…I hope to see this on the silver screen one day’ Norma

Quite simply epic! It should be made into a film, as the writing is so beautifully visual and presses all the emotional buttons’ Mandy

‘An absolutely enthralling read from beginning to end…The historical research that has gone into this book is incredible. A fantastic story. A definite must read’ Amy

I read this in a single sitting…Romance, history, and of course, the beautiful writing of Melanie Hudson make this an excellent addition to the WWII canon and one that you should not miss!!’ Tiffany

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 29 Sep 2022
Pages: 384
ISBN: 978-0-00-842096-3
Melanie Hudson was born in Yorkshire in 1971, the youngest of six children. Her earliest memory is of standing with her brother on the street corner selling her dad\'s surplus vegetables (imagine The Good Life in Barnsley and you\'re more or less there).After running away to join the British armed forces in 1994, Melanie experienced a career that took her around the world on some exciting adventures. In 2010, when she returned to civilian life to look after her young son, on a whim, she moved to Dubai where she found the time to write women\'s fiction. She now lives in Cornwall with her family.Her debut, The Wedding Cake Tree, won the Romantic Novelists’ Association Contemporary Romance Novel of the Year 2016.

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