The Missing Pieces of Us

By Eva Glyn

An emotional and page-turning family saga perfect for fans of Barbara O’Neal, Amanda Prowse, and Susanne O’Leary!

‘Full of mystery and magic’ Heidi Swain

There are three versions of the past – hers, his, and the truth.

When Robin Vail walks back into widow Isobel O’Briain’s life decades after he abruptly left it, the dark days since her husband’s unexpected passing finally know light. Robin has fallen on hard times but Izzie and her teenage daughter Claire quickly remind him what it’s like to have family…and hope.

But Robin and Izzie are no longer those twenty-something lovers, and as they grow closer once more the missing pieces of their past weigh heavy. Now, to stop history repeating, Izzie and Robin must face facts and right wrongs…no matter how painful.

Author: Eva Glyn
Format: Digital download
Release Date: 21 Jul 2021
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-845328-2
Eva Glyn writes escapist relationship-driven fiction with a kernel of truth at its heart. She loves to travel and finds inspiration in beautiful places and the stories they hide.Her last holiday before lockdown was a trip to Croatia, and the country’s haunting histories and gorgeous scenery have proved fertile ground, driven by her friendship with a tour guide she met there. His wartime story provided the inspiration for The Olive Grove and his help in creating a realistic portrayal of Croatian life has proved invaluable. Her second novel set in the country, An Island of Secrets, is a dual timeline looking back to World War 2.Eva lives in Cornwall, although she considers herself Welsh, and has been lucky enough to have been married to the love of her life for more than twenty-five years. She also writes as Jane Cable.

”'Will keep you guessing right up until the end and maybe even beyond it” - Claire Dyer

”'Well written, absorbing and original. Read and enjoy” - Margaret Graham

”'I loved this book from start to finish, a tender story of how two people are kept apart by tragic circumstances outside their control” - EllaNoel

”'I enjoyed this book so much…It is beautifully written and has a compelling story line” - Mads

”'This is one of those rather special stories which is all the better for reading knowing nothing of what is to come” - Jaffa Reads Too