The Great Summer Street Party - The Great Summer Street Party Part 1: Sunshine and Cider Cake (The Great Summer Street Party, Book 1)

By Georgia Hill

Welcome to Berecombe-by-the-Sea for a year of very special celebrations…

This year sees the seventy-fifth anniversary of D-Day. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to those brave boys who went to fight on French beaches for our freedom.

And now Berecombe is playing host to our American allies once more. All surviving soldiers who were billeted in the town have been invited for street parties, a D-Day parade, a black-tie ball at The Henville and much, much more.

So, come along, get dressed up and join in the fun!

Ashley Lyddon arrives in the quaint coastal community of Berecombe feeling more than a little lost. The former art teacher desperately needs a fresh start after a car accident that cost her everything. How is it that the town’s older residents seem to have more zest for life than she does?

A certain American history lecturer, Eddie McQueen, has also blown into town, just like the GIs did seventy-five years previously. Then, as now, they shook things up, and left secrets trailing in their wake.

Ashley knows all too well, like the D-Day soldiers, that laying the past to rest is easier said than done although her new community seems to believe that tea and cake – lots and lots of cake – solves most of life’s problems. And as Ashley is forced to admit, they are nearly always right…

Readers are LOVING The Great Summer Street Party:

‘A delightful escapism read and a beautiful story that brought back lots of memories of my Nan’ Helen

‘Packed with romance, celebrations, starting life again and lots of see, sun and sand…a lovely friendship and community vibe’ Meena

‘What a lovely blend of romance and historical fiction surrounding the soldiers involved in the D-Day landings…Get out the bunting!’ Norma

‘Made me really want to read more after rushing through it’ Joanne

Left me wanting more…the most perfect setting in the West Country, sun, sea and a fantastic welcoming community’ Sally