The Good News Gazette - The Good News Gazette (The Good News Gazette, Book 1)

By Jessie Wells

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘A five-star read that will warm your soul…This story shows us there is warmth in the world and it’s just so positive it can’t help but make you smile’

‘Uplifting and empowering…a stpry about friendship, love and finding the bright side of life’ Debbie Johnson

Nine years ago, Zoe Taylor returned from London to the quiet hamlet of Westholme with her tail between her legs and a bun in the oven. Where once her job as a journalist saw her tearing off to Paris at a moment’s notice after a lead, now the single mum covers the local news desk. At least, she did…until she’s unceremoniously let go.

When Zoe invites her friends over to commiserate, wine and whining soon turns into something more… and before the night is out she’s plotted her next step: The Good News Gazette.

Now, as a developer threatens to force Westholme into the twenty-first century, Zoe’s good news movement finds her leading a covert campaign as a community crusader. She may have started The Good News Gazette as a way to save herself, but she might just be able to save Westholme in the process…

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Format: Digital download
Release Date: 25 Nov 2022
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-847583-3
Jessie Wells lives with her husband and two children in Merseyside. She has always written in some form, and previously worked as a journalist on the Liverpool Echo and Sunday Mirror and as a freelancer for various national women\'s magazines and newspapers before moving into finance. She loves nothing more than getting lost in her imaginary worlds, which are largely filled with romance, communities bursting with character and a large dose of positivity.