The Disappeared

By Ali Harper


A twisty, compelling, characterful crime thriller from a major new talent


A distraught mother…
When Susan Wilkins walks into No Stone Unturned, Leeds’s newest private detective agency, owners Lee and Jo are thrilled. Their first client is the kind of person they always hoped to help—a kind woman desperately worried about her son, Jack.

A missing son…
The case seems simple—kid starts college, takes up with the wrong crowd, forgets to ring his mother. But very quickly, Lee and Jo suspect they’re not being told the whole truth.

A case which could prove deadly…
Their office is ransacked, everyone who knows Jack refuses to talk to them and they feel like they’re being followed…it’s clear Lee and Jo have stumbled into something bigger, and far more dangerous, than they ever expected. Will they find Jack, or will their first case silence them both for good?

Author: Ali Harper
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 26 Jul 2018
Pages: 352
ISBN: 978-0-00-829266-9
Ali Harper writes feminist crime fiction. The Disappeared is her first novel. An option for TV and film rights has also just been signed with Yorkshire-based Duck Soup Films. Ali lives in Leeds, where she teaches creative writing, has just completed a PhD, and plays netball badly.

”'I adored this fresh and fearless duo of private investigators, wise-cracking their way along the mean streets of Leeds in this rollicking crime caper” - Rachel Sargeant, author of The Perfect Neighbours

”'Lee and Jo are my two best girl heroes! Harper has in these two PI's created a team that I think will endure for a long time. I loved the humour that Harper imbued every page with. At the most poignant of moments, the gritty, down to earth humour had me chuckling” - Liz Mistry, author of Unquiet Souls

”'Absolutely brilliant crime read. Gripping and wittily written. Two kick-ass female protagonists. This book is a brilliant high-wire of a novel - it has plenty of twists and turns, but it also has believable complex characters, and is also really very funny. Would recommend this to anyone” - SJ Bradley, author of Guest