The Clitical Guide to Female Self-Pleasure: How to Please Yourself So Your Partner Can Too

By Jenne Davis

Hitting the right spot!

We are here to help women lose the shame and find the fun! If you don’t know how to please yourself, how can you possibly help a partner do the same? No two sexual responses are precisely the same, so in this book you’ll find a huge variety of ways to find pleasure.

THE CLITICAL GUIDE TO FEMALE SELF-PLEASURE: How to Please Yourself So Your Partner Can Too is a comprehensive look at all the aspects of female masturbation and orgasm, from methods and styles, to toys and homemade implements, to places and times, with warnings for safety and tips to improve your performance…on yourself.

Ladies, if your partner doesn’t treat you… we say treat yourself!

Format: ebook
Release Date: 16 Apr 2015
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-814009-0
I\'m the head honcho over at Clitical.Com, but I see myself as more of a gate keeper than the webmistress. Whilst I do own several whips I\'m generally not the one wielding them; I would rather spend my time, writing about about them and so many other things. I believe that sex is about sharing and open communication. When I\'m not writing I can be found researching new techniques, reading, and on occasions cooking for my long suffering Hubby and kids.

”'Fantastic and educational! I learned quite a bit!” - - NetGalley Reader

”'Informative without being crude … I feel like a lot of girls would definitely benefit from reading this.” - - NetGalley Reader

”'A very I interesting study on women's sexual health and healing.” - - Goodreads Reviewer

”'Comforting encouragement via the author.” - - NetGalley Reader

‘A very informative and detailed book … A good read for both men and women.‘ NetGalley Reader -

”'This book definitely educated me on various methods I'd never heard of” - - Goodreads Reviewer