Someone You Know

By Olivia Isaac-Henry

You can trust your family, can’t you…?

Tess Piper was fourteen when her adored twin sister Edie disappeared.

She has spent the last twenty years building a life away from her fractured family, desperate to escape the shadow of the past.

Only now she needs to confront the huge hole her sister’s disappearance left in her life, because a body has been found. The police are shining a spotlight on the Piper family. And secrets are about to surface.

After all, it’s common knowledge that more often than not, these crimes are committed by someone close to the victim. Someone they trust. Someone they know…

What really happened to Edie Piper?

A gripping thriller perfect for fans of C.L. Taylor, K.L. Slater and Rachel Abbott.

Reader reviews

‘I totally devoured this… the ending is a killer! Loved how the pages just blurred into one another and was seriously gutted when I’d finished it and wanted more.’

‘A great read, fascinating and intriguing kept me guessing right until the end

‘Dark, twisted, creepy, atmospheric, engaging, unputdownable brilliance. Read this book in 2019. I implore you.’

‘An intense, creepy and pacy thriller.’

‘A must-read for any fan of mystery, murder, and twists that you don’t see coming!’

‘ A creepy tale that had me hooked from the opening pages and held me right up until the final paragraph.’

‘Emotional, gripping and twisty.’

‘A creepy familial thriller, with many twists and turns, this one will keep you guessing right to the end. I can usually guess the ‘baddie’ but I failed completely with this!’

A super twisty whodunnit that also delves into the darker regions of sibling rivalry. It will keep you guessing right to the end!’

‘An excellent debut with a sinister sting. Reveals and plot twists delivered so skilfully that you won’t know who to trust.’