My Husband’s Lies

By Caroline England

‘I was gripped immediately’ KATERINA DIAMOND, author of THE TEACHER

‘Terrific characterisation, great writing and twists to leave you dizzy.’ TERESA DRISCOLL, author of I AM WATCHING YOU

Do you really know your friends?


On the afternoon of Nick and Lisa’s wedding, their close friend is found poised on a hotel window ledge, ready to jump.

As the shock hits their friendship group, they soon realise that none of them are being as honest with themselves – or with each other – as they think.

And there are secrets lurking that could destroy everything.
Tense, disturbing and clever, My Husband’s Lies is a breath-taking read, perfect for fans of Lucy Clarke and Erin Kelly.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 17 May 2018
Pages: 384
ISBN: 978-0-00-826025-5
Caroline England is a former divorce lawyer based in Manchester. My Husband’s Lies is her second novel following 2017’s Beneath the Skin.


”'I read it in the sun today and finished it in hours!Truly a terrific read!” - MARTINA COLE

”'Twisting triangles of love and lust distort a perfect circle of friends in this slow-burning literary thriller.” - RACHEL SARGEANT

'A clever, intriguing and twisted tale that builds to a gut-wrenching conclusion.' ROZ WATKINS -

”'Sharp and sweetly twisted. I loved it.” - HELEN FIELDS

”'A totally absorbing read that's beautifully written, where lives and secrets slowly unravel.” - ELISABETH CARPENTER

”'A sumptuous serving of domestic noir that takes you deep into the hearts and minds of its characters.Keeps you on your toes throughout.” - S.D. ROBERTSON

”'A simmering cocktail of betrayal, lust and deceit in this explosively plotted thriller about family secrets and broken friendships.” - SANJIDA KAY

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”'A richly atmospheric tale of secrets and lies woven into friendship ties. A simply compelling read.” - JANE ISAAC

”'With intrigue on almost every page and a cast of multi-layered, challenging characters, it kept me hooked from the first page until the last.” - FAITH BLEASDALE

”'Beautifully observed. Beautifully crafted.” - AMANDA ROBSON

”'A gripping psychological drama, My Husband’s Lies is full of jaw-dropping twists that will leave readers reeling.” - PETRINA BANFIELD, author of The Forgotten Girl


”'I was gripped immediately and I couldn’t wait for it to finish - perfect for fans of Into the Water by Paula Hawkins” - KATERINA DIAMOND

”'Gripping, immersive, horribly believable” - SANJIDA KAY

”'This is a tautly elegant psychological thriller, razor-sharp and utterly believable. I loved it.” - SARAH JASMON

'I loved this book. A clever, glamorous, observational, page turning read which pulled me in right from the start until the pivotal, and most satisfying end.' AMANDA ROBSON -