Mrs P’s Book of Secrets

By Lorna Gray

There are no white shrouded spectres here, no wailing ghouls. Just the echoes of those who have passed, whispering that history is set to repeat itself.

‘If you’re a lover of literary fiction then you’ll be right at home with this book.  You’ll enjoy the intricate play on words and it will take you back to a time when writing was an art form’ Netgalley reviewer

War widow Lucy Peuse is content in her quiet life as secretary for her uncle and his dashing young partner, Robert Underhill, at their Cotswold book press.
But rations still rule and paper is the golden egg, and when Robert is found using the skills he gleaned as a British POW to give the business a leg up, Lucy is suddenly a player in a dark world where everyone has an eye on the ledger and will do whatever it takes to prevent their neighbour’s gain.
Caught between society’s expectations and her own dreams, Lucy will have to break free of the ghosts of the past in order to find answers she needs to secure the future … for her and Robert both.

Mrs P’s Book of Secrets will be published in the US as The Book Ghost.

Author: Lorna Gray
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 05 Mar 2020
Pages: 400
ISBN: 978-0-00-836825-8
Lorna Gray was born in 1980 in Bedfordshire. Her relationship with the glorious countryside of the Cotswolds began many years ago when she first moved to Cirencester. She has been exploring the area through her love of history, adventure and romance ever since.This is Lorna’s fourth post-WWII mystery. Her three previous novels are In the Shadow of Winter (2015), The War Widow (2018) and The Antique Dealer’s Daughter (2018). She lives in the Cotswolds with her husband.