It Girl Episode 5: Chapters 26-30 of 36: HarperImpulse RomCom

By Nic Tatano


-Dexter, who is dating Savannah, does something chivalrous, which softens Veronica’s opinion of him:

“I’m happy for you,” I said. “I hate to admit it, but I think you’re dating a nice guy.”

And that maybe, just maybe, I missed something special.

-Veronica stumbles onto a huge story about a female Presidential candidate which could change her life:

Then the door opened and what I saw knocked the air from my lungs. It was all I could do to keep my jaw from dropping.
The man wasn’t the Senator’s husband. But he was someone every American would recognize.

-Veronica told Savannah that she had been in trouble and was rescued by Dexter:

“Dexter obviously is very protective of women, that’s all.”
“Sure. Y’all can spin it anyway you like.”
“Hey, you’re the one dating him. You get the romance, not me.”

Will Veronica remain in denial about Dexter and come between him and Savannah?