Follow Your Fantasy: Deeper

By Nicola Jane

‘Stands out from the crowd’ – Metro

Your erotic adventure continues…

Welcome back to the sizzling erotic world of Follow Your Fantasy – a whole new world of fantasies where you, the reader, choose what happens next. And if one adventure isn’t enough, go back and try another.

As the story unfolds, your decision could take you onstage in a very naughty magic show; on a hot, naked photo shoot or to a solo performance for the watchful neighbour across from your apartment. You might be an artist’s sexy muse or the star of a very special home video. Whether you find out more about Giselle, meet the commanding magician Leon, or seduce the policeman following you, whatever choice you make, the power is always yours.

In this brand new collection of short, steamy stories, you’ll delve further into your fantasies than ever before. Once again, the most important character is You – confident, sexy and up for anything You. Where will your fantasies take you this time…?

Format: ebook
Release Date: 11 Feb 2016
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-754864-4
Wanderlust has been my main life force for the last ten years flitting from country to country (7 and counting) but, now I\'ve managed to tie myself down in Madrid for a while, I\'m operating more on the lust part with writing Erotica and dabbling in multiple dating and open relationships. I\'ve never had an English boyfriend so my male romantic protagonists tend to be influenced by the Latin charms. Men I meet keep telling me I should write about them in my books. One or two might have made it already. One or two more are always welcome.

”Praise for 'Follow Your Fantasy” - -

”'Unique, refreshing and incredibly exciting” - - Pajama Book Girl

”'Brilliantly and vividly written…erotically thrilling, sexual fantasies which will result in any reader feeling a little flushed” - - Compelling Reads

”'An absolute must if your like something a bit different” - - Comet Babes Books

”'Erotic novels are usually not my 'thing', but after hearing so many positive comments from people on Twitter and Facebook, my curiosity was awakened. I am really glad that I did go out of my comfort zone…Is it naughty? Definitely!” - - Cosmochicklitan