Flowers for the Dead

By C. K. Williams

I am the reason girls are told not to trust strangers. I am their cautionary tale.

Nineteen years ago Linn Wilson was attacked. Seventeen-years-old and home alone, she’d been waiting for her friends to arrive when she heard the doorbell ring. But when she opened the door, Linn let in her worst nightmare. The culprit was never found.

It was someone I knew. I am going to find out who did this to me.

Now, Linn is determined to get to the bottom of the night that changed her life forever. Returning to the village where she grew up, she knows that someone must know something. The claustrophobia and isolation of small town living means secrets won’t remain secrets for long…

A wonderfully tense and gripping suspense thriller that will have you hooked! Perfect for fans of D.K Hood’s Detective Kane and Alton series and Sheryl Browne.

What others are saying about Flowers for the Dead:

Wow, I loved this book very much. It’s dark, intense and quite chilling at times, and it really made for some harrowing reading.’ Sarah, NetGalley reviewer 5*

Bar none, this one of my top favorite thrillers to date. Whoa! Damn… You’ve gotta read it! 5+ stars.’ Olivia, NetGalley reviewer 5*

‘I would fully recommend this well written book. Strap yourself in – the subject matter is harrowing but expertly woven into a tale of secrets, mis-truths and ulterior motives.’ Mark, NetGalley reviewer 5*

One of the best novels I read for 2019. The rough storyline hit a nerve and didn’t stop until the end. I loved the strong and determined main character.’ Reva, Netgalley reviewer

A great psychological thriller which will keep you reading until the last page.’ Sharon, Netgalley reviewer

‘I thought I knew the culprit and then thought it was first one character and then another. Isn’t this what makes a great mystery?’ Sallie, Netgalley reviewer

An exhilarating read, everything I would hope for in a psychological thriller.’ Netgalley reviewer

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 30 Apr 2020
Pages: 400
ISBN: 978-0-00-835440-4
C. K. Williams has lived in the United States, Canada, Australia and Paris and is a regular visitor to the UK. When not teaching creative writing at Bonn University, Williams loves to cook (and bake). More often than not, you will be able to find Williams on a train flitting to and fro in Europe or the United Kingdom, realising once again that she has forgotten to bring lunch, and proceeding to buy all the croissants that live in Bruxelles Midi.