Finding Henry Applebee

By Celia Reynolds

‘An absolute delight. It’s beautiful and elegiac and written with such a good heart’ BAFTA award-winning screenwriter and producer Russell T. Davies OBE

‘A simply heart-string tugging book that offers a ready escape route from these testing time’ Jon Gower, Nation Cymru

Here Henry was, once again in a bustling train station, ready to resume where he had left off all those years ago…

Finding Henry Applebee is a charming, tender and uplifting story about unlikely friendships, the power of love – and how it’s never too late to change your life.

Perfect for fans of The Single Ladies of the Jacaranda Retirement Village and The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry.

Eighty-five-year-old Henry Arthur Applebee has had a pretty good life. But one regret has haunted him for the last sixty-five years.
And so, on an ordinary December morning, he boards a train from London to Edinburgh. His goal is simple: to find the woman who disappeared from his life decades earlier.

But Henry isn’t the only person on a mission. Also bound for Edinburgh is troubled teen, Ariel. And when the two strangers collide, what began as one humble journey will catapult them both into a whole new world…

What readers are saying:

‘A great book … I highly recommend it to those interested in a narrative that touches one’s heart and soul’ Peter Thabit Jones

‘Beautifully written, wonderfully warm’ bestselling author Zara Stoneley

‘An uplifting read … tender, beautiful writing and wonderful observations’ bestselling author Tracy Rees

‘An intricate, absorbing, sliding puzzle of a story about friendship, family and love’ bestselling author Iona Grey

‘Just wonderful’ Goodreads reviewer

‘This book will warm the cockles of your heart’ Goodreads reviewer

‘A moving portrait of the power of human kindness’ Goodreads reviewer