Josh Thane Thriller - Final Target (Josh Thane Thriller, Book 2)

By E. V. Seymour

The old ways die hard…

A gripping thriller full of shocking twists from E. V. Seymour, perfect for fans of Mark Dawson, Lee Child and David Baldacci.

There’s always one who gets away…

Ex-assassin Josh Thane has given up his life of murder and bloodshed and gone to ground in London. But when glamorous MI5 agent, McCallan, needs his help with a dangerous operation in Berlin, Josh can’t resist being pulled back into the game.

Soon he realises that a deadly organization is out not just to get him but those closest to him. As crime bosses and intelligence officers are picked off one by one, McCallen disappears and Josh is faced with a choice that could make this mission his last: either he walks into the trap set for him, or McCallen dies.

Format: Digital download
Release Date: 24 Nov 2017
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-827171-8
I’m the author of thirteen novels and write in two genres: psychological thriller and action adventure/spy fiction. By day, I work as a freelance fiction editor, specialising in all things criminal.I’m represented by Broo Doherty at DHH Literary Agency, and also write under the pseudonym, G.S. Locke. My latest novel ‘Neon’ is out now, with ‘Six’ to follow in 2021. You can visit my website at

”'A cleverly interwoven plot that races along” - Crime Thriller Hound

”'A good action yarn, somewhat reminiscent of Matt Hilton's Joe Hunter books” - Eurocrime

”'Cranks up the pace to rocket speed” - Crime Thriller Girl

”'A wicked twist and a killer ending” - Publishers Weekly