After You Fell

By J.S. Lark

Creepy, disturbing and genuinely thrilling, this is one page-turner you won’t be able to forget!

As one life ends
Louise Lovett’s death was a tragedy. But questions still swirl about exactly what happened to Louise that day. Did she fall … or was she pushed?

A new life starts
Helen Matthews’ donor heart saves her life. But as her new heart beats inside her, Helen feels the pull of its previous owner – despite what everyone is telling her, Helen is certain she has one final message to pass on.

And a dark obsession begins
As the lives of Helen and Louise become ever more entangled, Helen’s obsession gets increasingly out of control.  And the fragile new life she has built begins to fall apart…

Readers can’t get enough of After You Fell

‘A very different, enthralling read that I really didn’t want to put down’ Eleine Brent, Goodreads

‘I found myself turning pages late into the night to see what would happen…a unique story’ Jennifer Motz, Netgalley

Wow, just as I thought I was right about the ending, I am proven wrong on the very last page’ Kimberley Bigelow, Goodreads

‘The blurb describes this as creepy, disturbing and genuinely chilling which is spot on… A clever premise, a brilliant read’ Nikki’s Book Blog