Scottish Escapes - A Scottish Country Escape (Scottish Escapes, Book 4)

By Julie Shackman

‘A true page-turnerChat Monthly

Emotional, humorous and heartening, Julie Shackman knows how to bring the feel-good factor to fiction’ Woman’s Weekly

Escape to the Scottish Highlands with a brand new spring romance from bestselling author, Julie Shackman

Determined to overcome a family tragedy, Elle Cassidy decides to reopen her late mother’s ailing newsagent as a stationery shop in the quiet Scottish town of Fir Haven.

But when the arrogant yet handsome crime writer Dexter Grayling almost runs over Elle in his beast of a sports car, the town is thrown into a tailspin – especially when Dexter claims that local resident Linda Carlucci has put a curse on him and he is no longer able to write.

Can Elle put aside her dislike for the self-absorbed writer and help Dexter uncover what is really going on with the Carlucci family? And in the process will Elle realise that there’s a lot more to her beloved Fir Haven than she first thought…

‘This delightful romance is a perfect slice of escapism nestled in the Scottish Highlands’ Woman’s Own

For fans of Donna Ashcroft, Jane Linfoot and Rachael Lucas.

Readers have escaped to the country, will you be next?

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‘A story about forgiveness, healing and not judging others… you will fall in love with Fir Haven and its characters and this story will touch your heart in unexpected ways’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Format: Digital download
Release Date: 16 Mar 2023
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-859517-3
Julie Shackman is a former journalist and writer. She lives in Scotland with her husband and two teenage sons.

”'A charming read full of romance and mystery. Delightful” - Woman’s Weekly on The Cottage in the Highlands