The Windmill Café (The Windmill Café)

By Poppy Blake

‘I relished every moment of this story … definitely not one to be missed’ Emma, Shaz’s Book Blog

The complete collection of The Windmill Cafe stories.

Seasons come and go, but the peppermint green sails of the Windmill Café will keep on turning.

Escaping the bustle and heartbreak of her old life in the city, Rosie Barnes can’t believe that her dream of setting up a café has come true. Whether it’s her chilled homemade lemonade, sticky chocolate brownies or warming mince pies, Rosie’s café draws guests in from far and wide, and the folk of Willerby can enjoy it come rain or shine.

But some mysterious events soon threaten the picturesque town she now calls home, and with the help of ruggedly handsome local Matt Wilson, she must find out what’s going on before the reputation of the town – and her beloved café – are ruined.

From the scorching summer sun through to the crisp winter frosts, Rosie is in for a year she’ll never forget…