The Wave

By Virginia Moffatt, Read by Danielle Farrow

Tonight they’ll share their darkest secrets, but tomorrow, there is no escape…

Haunting, scarily real and brilliantly executed; the heart-stopping novel that everyone will be talking about in 2019

A devastating tsunami is heading towards the Cornish coast. With no early warning and limited means of escape, many people won’t get away in time. 
While the terrifying reality of the news hits home, one young woman posts a message on Facebook, ‘With nowhere to run to, I’m heading to my favourite beach to watch the sunset, who wants to join me?’ A small group of people follow her lead and head towards the beach; each of them are harbouring their own stories ̶ and their own secrets.
As they come together in the dying light of the Cornish sunset, they will discover something much more powerful than they ever imagined. But there is no escaping the dawn… the wave is coming…