Mummy Needs Help

By Susan Edmunds

Can you go mad from sleep deprivation? Will my mother ever leave? Will the baby sleep through the night before she turns twenty-one?

Renee is struggling to get to grips with having a totally dependent new-born. Luckily for her there is a Facebook group of new mums who welcome her with open arms and assurances that she might sleep again … one day.

Whilst Renee finds a safe space for questions and confessions, all hubby Nick can see is how easily she seems to be adapting to parenthood: a world in which he still feels adrift. Work is beginning to be the place he feels most at home.

As her daughter reaches the age where she can finally have a solo shower, Renee realises it’s been months since she’s had a baby-free discussion with Nick, let alone a date night. The question remains: will their marriage survive the storm?

Mummy Needs Help is an unmissable novel about the hardships and hysterics of parenthood, perfect for fans of Gill Simms and Suzy K Quinn.

What readers are saying about Mummy Needs a Break:

Brilliant, bloody brilliant! Definitely one for those who love Gill Simms! 5 fat humongous stars!!

‘A book I was completely drawn into. A true to life absorbing read

‘I love a great ending and a powerful story line and this luckily had both.What a joy to read!

An entertaining and fun read that made me laugh…it’s engrossing!’

‘A quick and enjoyable read that any new parent will be able to relate to… an author I will definitely read again

Much of it resonated with me and reassured me!’

‘As a new mother, I read this book through night feeds… It captured brilliantly the first few weeks and what a rollercoaster it is. A reassuring read.’

‘Lighthearted funny easy read about the trials and tribulations of early parenthood! A must read book for all new parents!

‘This book was so good. I didn’t want to put it down! The characters were well rounded, and the storyline sucked you into it and made you feel like you were really there. The author did an great job telling this story.’