It Girl Episode 4: Chapters 20-25 of 36: HarperImpulse Rom Com

By Nic Tatano


-It’s the first episode of Dance Off, and Dexter relents by giving Veronica a classy dress:

“You look lovely in that dress. I presume it meets with your approval. It’s from the Judi Dench fall collection.”
“It’s beautiful, Dexter. I appreciate it.”

-Veronica lets it slip that she finds Dexter attractive:

He flashed a sinister grin. “So, you think I have a perfect face and body?”

So much for my having the upper hand.

-Veronica and Dexter are celebrity escorts at a high school prom and made the honorary king and queen… which means they have to share a dance with Dexter in control.

“Just let me lead.”
“Don’t get used to it.”

Will their first dance be a disaster, or lead to something more?