The One Who Got Away

By L.A. Detwiler

The next chilling thriller from the bestselling author of THE WIDOW NEXT DOOR…

“Get out while you can. You’ll die here…”

Adeline Evans has recently moved into a home for the elderly. A safe space, where she can be cared for.

When she begins to receive cryptic and threatening notes, she is certain that someone is out to get her.

But the residents are warned against listening to a woman who is losing her memory. It would seem Adeline is tormented by the secrets in her past, and that the menace is all in her mind.

Until danger comes down the corridor and starts knocking in the night…

A compelling serial killer thriller from the bestselling author of THE WIDOW NEXT DOOR, perfect for fans of A.J Finn, K.L. Slater and Teresa Driscoll.

What readers are saying about The One Who Got Away:

“Wow! I totally loved this book! I was gripped from the very beginning and it never let go. Such a dark and twisted tale about real life scary situations.”

“A delicious domestic thriller!”

“Such a great read. The plot and storyline were very well done. I could not put it down. Read in one day.”

“Tense chilling kept me reading late in to the night. My favorite type of thriller: multi-layered and a twist on each page. Kept me guessing to the end.”

“I was totally gripped”

“It caught hold of me and had me hooked from the start . I was literally on the edge of my seat reading this book.”

“Literary magic… For lovers of a proper psychological thriller that truly lives up to its name, The One Who Got Away is the one you won’t want to get away.”

“Oh my, what a little beauty this is!… The story escalates in intensity… a book that I couldn’t put down. There are some real shockers to come and an ending that knocked the wind out of me!”

“An edge of your seat thriller.”

“I wanted to pick up where I left off as soon as I could.”