The Jasmine Wife

By Jane Coverdale

A gripping and stunning historical romance set in the British Raj for fans of Janet MacLeod Trotter, Dinah Jefferies and global bestseller Lucinda Riley

At midnight where the jasmine blooms, a woman waits for her lover…

Sara Archer’s future as the dutiful wife of a British official in India seems assured, until a chance meeting with the gorgeous and powerful Ravi Sabran changes everything.

Under the heat of the Indian sun, the veneer of polite society wears off quickly and soon Sara realises that nothing is as it appears to be, especially her husband Charles…

But in the beautiful jasmine gardens of the Maharajah’s palace, Sara follows a forbidden path… away from her bullying husband, towards Ravi and the long-buried secrets of her own birth.

Readers ADORE The Jasmine Wife:

‘As historical fiction goes, this is the best I’ve read in a long time’ Naomi Greenway, Librarian

‘Fantastic…I couldn’t read this fast enough!’ Amanda Driver, Netgalley reviewer

‘A provocative and compelling novel, this romantic and suspenseful story will be difficult to put down’ Debra Schoenburger, Goodreads

Giving this 5 stars *. From the beginning until the end I felt the romance’ Cynthia D., Netgalley reviewer

‘A lovely, lovely book and I’m glad to have had the chance to read it’ Laura Hanna-White, Goodreads

‘I loved the setting. I loved the characters. I loved the story. I loved it all’ Lynsey Crockett, Goodreads

‘Historical romantic fiction is soooo my genre…evocative and vividly written – so atmospheric’ Maria, Librarian

This book had it all…set my imagination on fire’ Ethel Fagin, Netgalley reviewer

‘I enjoyed every minute…just the right amount of tension and intrigue to keep me guessing’ Heather B, Librarian

‘I love Coverdale’s writing, and while this is my first book I’ve read of hers, it won’t be the last!’ The Book Distiller