Cornish Escapes Collection - The Forgotten Beach (Cornish Escapes Collection, Book 3)

By Amanda James

Don’t miss this chance to escape to stunning Cornwall for a heartwarming new standalone novel about secrets and second chances

They say a single moment can change your life…

For Cornish artist Sennen Kellow that moment comes with the discovery of her late gran’s epic love story – a story that happened years before she ever met Sennen’s grandfather.

Now, as Sennen digs into her grandmother’s past and discovers a forgotten beach, a hidden poem, and a love that blazed brightly before Fate intervened, her search for answers leads her on a fated journey of her own. One which sees history repeating itself, and Sennen faced with a chance at the kind of once-in-a-lifetime love her gran experienced…but only if she’s willing to risk everything.

Readers LOVE The Forgotten Beach:

‘A true love story…curl up in a comfy chair and be transported by this talented author’ Brenda

A beautiful love story that spans generations…I loved how the old house slowly got renovated and came back to life plus I could picture the steps down to the private beach with the cave’ Muriel

‘Complex characters, with a simple love story and a heartstopping final arc but the ending we all wanted!’ Ritu

‘The author does a wonderful job of describing the beauty of Cornwall … a good beach read’ Sarah

Perfect escapism and I read it in almost one sitting…so much more than just a romance’ Helen

‘A heartwarming love story…My eyes were a bit teary at the end’ Anne

‘I have always been an avid fan of Amanda James, a truly talented author who strives to write a beautiful story for others to enjoy time after time’ Joan

‘Delightful story with the past gently woven into the present.…a joy to read’ Judy