Manhattan Millionaire’s Cinderella

By Sun Chara

Will their wedding night be a one-night stand or a merger for keeps?

Global real estate mogul, Cade Sloan should’ve listened to his own advice: trust no one, and never a woman…especially not his 24 hour bride gone AWOL with his millions. Nina, mousy secretary turned sexy vixen, will repay every penny with interest…

When Cade gears up for a takeover, there’s sweet hell to pay. Nina owes her husband a wedding night and he’s hell bent on collecting… his way, his time, his pleasure.

Author: Sun Chara
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 17 Apr 2014
Pages: 130
ISBN: 978-0-00-755964-0
A schoolteacher turned actor/writer, I am a member of Romance Writers of America and Screen Actors Guild, have been writing for over twelve years and have several complete manuscripts. Globetrotting for lore while keeping tabs on Hollywood leads, I love the challenge of creating stories for book and screen.