The Breathless Series - Effortless (The Breathless Series, Book 3)

By Lynn Montagano

The breathtaking conclusion to Lia and Alastair’s relationship… is love alone enough to keep them together?

Perfect for fans of 50 Shades & Sylvia Day.

Everything in Lia Meyers’ life seems perfect. She’s made the move ‘across the pond’ to start a new life with the man of her dreams and is impressing her new bosses as the executive producer of a popular news magazine program.

Alastair Holden, the enigmatic Englishman who has Lia’s heart, puts her above all else, even at the expense of his billion-dollar worldwide media empire. Lia couldn’t be luckier, right?

But her lavish world of hearts and flowers soon turns upside down. Living under the white hot spotlight of the Holden family empire proves to be more complicated than she anticipated. She doesn’t know who to trust and questions the motives of her closest friends.

To make matters worse, Alastair begins to revert back to his closed off ways. When a life changing event thrusts him into chaos, Lia must decide if a diamond really is forever or if she should learn to cut her losses.

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 23 Apr 2015
Pages: 278
ISBN: 978-0-00-812769-5
Lynn Montagano is the author of CATCH MY BREATH, UNRAVEL ME and EFFORTLESS. A native Rhode Islander, she loves football, traveling and her cats, Brady and Bigglesworth.Having lived in several cities, including Los Angeles and Orlando, she now happily calls Massachusetts home.When she isn’t galavanting across the planet, you can find her cheering loudly for her beloved New England Patriots or daydreaming about London while penning her next novel.Want to know more? Visit

Praise for CATCH MY BREATH: -

”'Deliciously frustrating” - - Chicks That Read

”'There wasn't a single point in this book where I thought I could just walk away from it.” - - Booky Ramblings of a Neurotic Mum

”'Full of angst and passion this story will make you catch your breath.” - - Jane Hunt