A Ghost in Shining Armour

By Therese Beharrie

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‘I LOVED this… [A] beautiful, heart warming story’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Once haunted . . .
Gemma Daniels has never been quite the “down to earth” woman her adoptive parents raised her to be. She even has a unique gift: she can see ghosts—and she likes helping them settle their unfinished business. But the hotter-than-hot stranger she impulsively kisses on a bet is not only a phantom, he’s determined to help her. And the only way Gemma can explain his presence is to pretend they’re a real-life couple.

Twice shy . . .
Levi Walker lived—and died—to save his sister. Now he’s got a second chance at life if he assists Gemma in reuniting with her own long-lost sibling . . . and then never sees Gemma again. But as he starts to enjoy her irrepressible personality, he’s finding it hard to abide by any rules at all . . .

Readers are LOVING Therese Beharrie’s books:

‘My first book by the author and it won’t be the last…The writing was very witty and the romance is beautiful’

‘Paranormal ghosts meets strangers to lovers with a smidge of spice🌶…I love Levi and Gemma together – he’s grumpy with everyone except her (*insert me melting on the floor*) – and their banter was cute and funny

‘It made me very nostalgic for Meg Cabot’s Mediator series, as well, so if you’re a MC fan you’ll want to get your hands on this’

‘A great example of grumpy/sunshine and Levi has a very cinnadom vibe lol!’

‘An ambitious story of magic, romance, and healing from past trauma…Anxious Gaia’s difficult background and social awkwardness will endear her to many readersPublishers Weekly

‘Beharrie weaves her best magic when she unpacks the ways the protagonists’ minds and hearts work…Gaia’s relationship with romance novels allows Beharrie to tug at the threads of the genre’s long journey through changing times and doff her hat to its many charms…A sweet reminder of the connections between love and magicKirkus Reviews

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 02 Feb 2023
Pages: 320
ISBN: 978-0-00-858183-1
Therese Beharrie is a South African romance author of several acclaimed novels, including And They Lived Happily Ever After and the One Day to Forever series. She takes pride in writing diverse characters and settings, and her books are often recommended for their heart and banter. She lives in Cape Town with her husband, her inspiration for every hero, and two adorable baby boys. Please follow her on social media or visit her at ThereseBeharrie.com.

”'Beharrie weaves her best magic when she unpacks the ways the protagonists’ minds and hearts work… A sweet reminder of the connections between love and magic.” - Kirkus Reviews

”'This richly emotional romcom is electric enough to kickstart even the most cynical heart. Achingly real, unexpectedly whimsical, and wholly original.” - Talia Hibbert, New York Times Bestselling Author on AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER