The Rebel by Jaime Raven

How real crime inspired The Rebel

  There’s been an alarming increase in fatal gun and knife attacks across London. Most of victims are young people and many of the killings are gang-related. But this surge in extreme violence is clearly a trend that poses a threat to everyone, young or old, male or female. And… Read More
Life in Devon by Maddie Please

Life in Devon

In 2015 we sold our house in Cheltenham to someone who was moving out of London. She declared it absolutely perfect (and then spent the first year knocking seven bells and several walls out of it.) Devon has more thatched houses than just about any other county and we were… Read More
MJ Ford - Hold My Hand - Writing Journey

MJ Ford on his writing journey to Hold My Hand

First off, I think I’ve been pretty lucky with my journey into writing. I started out as an editor of children’s non-fiction, almost straight out of university, with an English and Classics degree and little idea what to do with it. I was fortunate that the opportunity arose to write a book… Read More
Being a digital first author - Sam Carrington

Joining Avon as a digital-first author

When my agent, Anne Williams, phoned me to say that Avon was interested in my first novel, Saving Sophie, I was driving to pick up my sons and had to pull over to take the call. I remember that moment with absolute clarity, but because of my excitement and being… Read More
Avon Books UK Team

Welcome to Avon

Hello and welcome to our new sparkly website! We are so excited to be up and running with our brandnew look – and say hello to you lovely folk. We hope you enjoy what you find here – we have some brilliant guest posts from our authors, information on all… Read More
Readers about The Fear - CL Taylor

What readers are saying about The Fear

Less than two months to go until The Fear by C.L. Taylor hits the shelves! I finished this book in two days and almost felt as if I couldn’t breathe until I reached the last line. If you’ve read any of C.L. Taylor’s books before, you’ll know exactly what I… Read More
Being an editor and author - Phoebe Morgan

Being an editor and author

There are a LOT of characters roaming around inside my head. Some good, some bad, some murderous, some loveable. There’s even some loveable murderers in the mix at times. Working as a commissioning editor, I spend my days wrapped up in the fascinating world of other writers’ novels – from… Read More
Avon Books UK

What our editors are looking for

Have you written a book? Congratulations! That’s a lot of hours and hard work that you’ve powered through and you should be proud. Now comes the daunting task of sending it out to agents who will hopefully pick it up and send it on to publishers. We know it can… Read More
Why our authors love Avon Books UK

Why our authors love Avon

Here at Avon Books UK we count ourselves lucky to have some absolutely incredible authors on our list. We publish a variety of genres so we have a wide range of authors who’ve signed book deals with us, both male and females. Of course we’re by no means perfect –… Read More
Writing as Ellen Berry - Fiona Gibson

Writing as Ellen Berry

Hello! It’s lovely to be here, on the shiny new Avon website. As an author, I have been with Avon for several years now, and have written seven romantic comedy novels under my own name. However, a couple of years ago I had an urge to write something slightly different,… Read More
Blog Claudia Carroll

Claudia’s Book Deal Moment

Like a lot of authors, for about as long as I can remember, I’d been scribbling down stories and embarrassingly rough drafts for novels. But then like most people, I just assumed that book deals were something that happened to other people so I’d just shove what I’d written into… Read More
Avon Books Submissions

Frequently Asked Questions: submissions

Not sure about whether or not you should submit our manuscript to us? We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions that will hopefully help you on your way.   What font/size/spacing should my submission be? Ensure your story is legible, but we recommend no smaller than pt 12 Please submit your… Read More

Why I Write Crime

Writing crime is something I thought I would never do. I first started penning contemporary women’s fiction, but when I began working as a housing officer for the local authority – and also watching the British television program Shameless – I sensed a shift in what I wanted to write. Read More

My Perfect Year

As I write this, my second book – Perfect Prey – is 20 days from publication. My debut crime novel was released in January and I’m currently editing book three. So it’s been a busy year, to put it mildly. What’s odd is that I’m so much more excited about… Read More

Saving Sophie

‘Immediately after finishing it, I wanted this book in as many readers’ hands as possible,’ says Rachel, one of Avon’s fab Commissioning Editor with a renowned eye for a best-seller. ‘This is psychological crime at its best, with a jaw-dropping twist that will have readers buzzing long after… Read More

B&B On The Beach

It’s easy to complain about the British weather, especially given the sudden torrential downpours that often show up, but the beauty of a book is that it doesn’t matter what’s going on outside. It’s been a brilliantly hot summer over here at Avon and it… Read More