At Avon we pride ourselves on the hard work and dedication we throw at each and every one of our books, working with our authors to make their stories and publications the best that they can be. Don’t believe us? Ask our authors.

Katerina Diamond, author of Truth or Die

‘Working with Avon has been a fantastic experience. I feel supported, valued and very well informed. I hope our work together continues for many more books.’

Laura Jane Williams, author of Our Stop

‘There is literally no other team in publishing like Avon. They’re like a choir, all with their different parts that make a powerful melody. Plus, they’re super fun, which goes a long way in the otherwise very solitary “writing a book” process!’

C.L. Taylor, author of Sleep

‘Working with the team at Avon has been amazing and, over the last six years, so many of my dreams and publishing ambitions have come true. I couldn’t have asked for a more hard working, efficient, innovative, communicative and dedicated group of people to publish my books.’

J.P. Carter, author of At Your Door

‘The team at Avon are an absolute pleasure to work with. They’re talented, friendly, approachable – and they organise great social events.’

Fiona Gibson, author of The Mum Who Got Her Life Back

‘Avon are a joy to work with. Every aspect of getting my books out there to readers is brilliantly managed by the dedicated team. And they are lovely people too!’

Sue Moorcroft, author of A Summer to Remember

‘The Avon team is a delight as each of its members is approachable, creative and responsive. We work together to build my brand and sell my books.’

Jane Gilley, author of The Woman Who Kept Everything

‘Never be in any doubt about what you’ll receive with Avon. They’re an up-beat, creative company with a light-hearted, can-do attitude – wonderful, inspiring people to liaise and work with.’

Caroline Corcoran, author of Through the Wall

‘Since I signed a book deal with Avon, I’ve gone from solo writing into the ether to feeling right at the heart of a team who support me, champion me and go above and beyond in everything they can do for my book. What I find particularly special is that despite it being everyday to them, they genuinely seem as excited as I am about the twists and turns of publishing my book. And that has made the whole process so ridiculously fun and joyous. In short, I can’t imagine having had this experience with anything but this brilliant, smart group of people.’ 

Nicola Rayner, author of The Girl Before You

‘The Avon team is so friendly and thoughtful. From social media training to fantastic parties, I’ve found that Avon really looks after its authors. It’s been a pleasure working with the team on my debut, The Girl Before You, and I’m looking forward to our collaboration on my next novel.’

B P Walter, author of A Version of the Truth

Signing with Avon was an absolute dream come true. I’d loved their books for years, and felt welcomed into the family right from the start. The best thing about the imprint is definitely the people – everyone’s been so warm, enthusiastic and kind, making me feel very lucky to have such dedicated people to work with on each book’

If you’re interested in becoming an Avon author see our submission guidelines on our Write for Us page.